I have wanted to get a toaster oven before the summer gets here. But just could not break down and purchase one. Toaster ovens are great when you need the oven but only have one thing to cook. Do it in a toaster oven. The toaster ovens have oven settings and just require less energy to cook. During the summer you are already battling with the kitchen being too hot so why crank up that stove when you don't have to.

After leaving church yesterday, my son and I ran by Good Will. I was looking for a piece of furniture but walked out with a beautiful Oster Inspire Red toaster oven. It needed to be cleaned a little but everything was in working order, no chips or stains.

I brought it home, used oven cleaner on the glass and shined the outside. It looks new. (just like the picture) Here is the best part....... I paid $4.75 for it!!!! YEAH!

This is what it is listed at Target for: Oster Inspire Red 6-Slice Toaster Oven $69.99

That short trip to Good Will saved my family 65.24 before we even start counting the energy savings.

Be sure to check out the resale stores before purchasing kitchen counter appliances.

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