Are you ready to put your organization in to play? Today is the day to start. You can do it. Hopefully you have been collecting coupons for a few weeks and have a good supply of them. If not keep collecting them and then keep referring back to this post and the currents ones to see how you can use the coupons in your favor. Remember, you don’t use the coupon until the items goes on sale. Don’t waste that coupon.
Let me give you a glance at my shopping trip that I did today at Walgreens.
Before coupons my total before taxes would have been $52.88 I walked out of there paying $4.25 before taxes. When you are doing your coupons, remember that you pay taxes on the total before the coupon is used.
I bought: amounts in () is what I paid.
□ Two lasting impression scent fan starter kits $7.99 each (free)
□ Two Irish Spring body washes $4.49 each (1.50 each)
□ Five Fructis hair products $2.99 each (Free)
□ Excedrin Menstrual pain reliever $5.99 each (.99 cents)
□ Two Colgate toothpaste $3.49 each (.13 cents each)
Here was my coupons:
□ Two $4 off Walgreen coupons for the lasting impressions
□ Two $4 off Manufacture coupons for lasting impressions
□ One $1.50 off Manufacture coupon for body wash
□ One Free Catalina from Walgreens for body wash
□ One $2 off Walgreens easy saver coupon which comes off for each hair product = $10 off
□ Five $1 off manufacture coupons for hair products
□ One $2.50 off Walgreens easy saver coupon with comes off for each toothpaste =$5.00 off
□ Two manufacture coupons for the toothpaste one being .75 cents off and the other $1.50

Drug stores and some grocery stores that produce their in store coupons, you can put the store coupon and the manufacture coupon together for extra savings. This is called stacking coupons. It sound like it would be wrong but it is not. When you present your coupons to the cashier, be sure to give the store coupons first and then the manufacture coupons second. This way the discounts are calculated correctly. This sale is good through Saturday, so if you have any of these coupons, go and get you some great items.

I had said in my last post I would tell you where to find coupons. This can be accessed from my site. Please use the link provided each time on this site to get your coupons.
Your newspaper According to what inserts will be in the paper each week, I might buy one two or maybe up to 8 newspapers. I will try to post on Saturdays what will be in the paper.
All You Magazine. This is an excellent magazine to get coupons out of. This magazine is sold at Walmart and it has coupons in it that you would use. It is well worth the couple of bucks to buy. you can also get a subscription for this magazine to be delivered to your home. This is always a must each month for me.
Catalinas. These are the coupons that print out at the grocery store along with your receipt. These are based off of what you have bought in your order. These are great. Watch for them when you are at the grocery store.
Peelies, blinkies, and tear pads These are also great. Look for them in the grocery stores. If it is a tear pad or a blinkie, take a few and save them for when that product goes on sale. If they are peelies, my conviction is, you really need to only use these if you are buying the product then. (do what you feel is right)
I will post on this blog when coupons are coming up and if you need to be on the look out. When you are stockpiling, you need to remember you are not buying for now you are buying because the items are at rock bottom prices and you are getting the items for the future.

Following this post, I will be posting deals for Krogers. Hopefully you can take advantage of them this week.

Have a great evening.


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2 Thoughts Shared

  1. Jamie // 14 March, 2009  

    Great job!! I can't believe the wags you go to won't give you register rewards?!

    Are they not printing out or our they printing and they are not giving them to you? If they aren't printing from the machine and you know you purchased the correct items, then you can call/email the catalina company and they should mail you one.

    I'm actually living in Western KY right now(about 2 hours from Louisville), but we go by the Louisville region Kroger ads & I get the Courier-Journal, not our local paper, for the better coupons on Sundays. :)

  2. The Thrifty Geek // 14 March, 2009  

    I was bummed that we don't get the catalina. I have asked several times. Do you know how to contact them?
    Great to hook up with you.