Ways to Save on Your Groceries: Part 1

I don’t know about you but I would say up until I started paying attention more to our budget, food was the biggest line item in our budget. That has reduced drastically since I have started price shopping, coupon shopping, stockpiling and menu planning. In part 1 of Ways to Save on Your Groceries, we are going to talk about price shopping.
Price Shopping:
I price shop on all my fresh meats, fruits and veggies especially. It is very rare that you find coupons for these items so you have to watch and see when it is on sale. This is when my Price List in my binder comes into play the most. In one of my previous post, I talked about keeping a price list for items that you buy. Click here to read that post. On this list I keep my meats, fruits and veggies that I buy most often listed along with the weight that I would need and the price that I will consider buy at. This list serves as a reminder to me of the prices that are rock bottom and I don’t have to rely on my emotions, desires and memory on if grapes are a great deal at $1.49 lb.(not a good deal) When you get your sale papers for each store that you shop at, you can check out the prices of the items that you need or running low on and see if any fit with the prices that you are willing to pay. If they don’t, try to do without or substitute your menu with something that you already have or something that is within your buying range.
You will not be able to develop your price list over night but as time goes, keep updating it with the items that you buy frequently and especially the items that you usually don’t have a coupon for.
Tomorrow, we will be talking about Coupon Shopping. This is the best way to shop. It is easy to do and is addictive when you start seeing the mega savings that comes to your family.
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  1. Tara // 11 March, 2009  

    What a great post! i so needed that!!! glad to have found you... ♥