I guess the saying, can’t live with them can’t live without them goes for couponing too. As I said earlier in my last post, coupons are great if you keep them under control. You have to have coupons if you are going to saving on your groceries. But, some of the coupon resources that I am going to give you in this post is ones that you have to print. Be careful not to get carried away with printing them and not using them. Printing cost money so if you don’t use the coupon then you have wasted your money in printing.

Local and regional newspapers In the newspapers you will get up to 3 or 4 inserts of coupons. I try to post each week on Saturday how many inserts are in each paper. If the inserts are good, I will buy 2 maybe 3 papers for that week. Be sure to buy your papers at places that only charge .99 cents for the paper. (Such as Walgreens, Walmart etc.)

The following are company websites that post coupons often. There will be a link on these that will say either coupons or special offers.
Boxtops 4 Education
Betty Crocker Coupons
Betty Crocker Promotions

Eat Better America
Mambo Sprouts

The next sets of websites are coupon websites that promote all different product brands in one spot. Check these especially the first of each month. If there is a great coupon on the site then it will not last long for print. Once a certain print number is reached, the coupon is removed.
Coupons.com This is in my coupon section on the right side bar.
cool saving


If your store have a store card that you use to get in store sales you, might want to check out these sites. You will be able to use these on line coupons along with your manufacture coupons. (Double up!)
Cellfire.com All my high tech readers will love this one!!

These are just few of the coupon sites that you can start to use. Check often here on this blog in the coupon section on the right side bar. I will keep these updated for you to where hopefully you can just come here and not have to search all over the web for the coupons.

Please contact me if you have any further questions about coupons. I will be happy to talk with you.

Tomorrow I will be writing about how to still enjoy eating out on a shoestring budget. As you know, our family loves to eat out but we still do it on a budget. Come back tomorrow so I can share with you some tips I have learned.


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