Part two of Living a Lifestyle of Abundance on a Shoestring Budget organizing your coupon files.

Coupons. You will either love them or hate them. You will love them if they are organized, don't take much of your time trying to find them and they are not laying around everywhere on your kitchen table. If you can't get them under control they will consume your time and you will just throw up your hands and say it is not worth it. That is not what we want to happen. Let's get started in organizing your coupons.

I have tried several different methods to keep my coupons organized and have chose a method that I feel works the best for me. I will walk you through how to set up your coupon files according to my trial and error. Again, as I always say, there is not a way that is perfect for everyone. Get ideas, get methods and bend them to make them your own.

Item needed for coupon filing.
  • plastic shoe box or something of that width. picture file box etc. This can even be a small basket.
  • white mall envelopes
  • index card dividers Blank tabs
  • perm. marker

Take your envelopes and place a index card divider in each envelope. I fold the flaps of the envelopes into the envelope just to get them out of the way. Write on each tab items that you shop for. Examples: Fresh fruit, Fresh meat, canned veggies, canned fuit, mustards, breads, etc. I make my list for my tabs very specific. This makes find that certain coupon quick and easy. Look at my picture for an example.

It is always good to be thrifty even in organizing to help you be thrifty. If the index card dividers are too expensive, take a pack of index cards and turn them long ways and write the labels on them. You can get a pack of index cards, shoe box or basket, envelopes and marker at the Dollar Tree for $1 each and you will only have $4 plus tax in starting out organized and prepared to save money shopping.

Once you have your categories done, put them in your box in alphabetical order and then place your coupons in each envelope. In the front of the file, have an envelope for your stores. This way you can place your registar rewards in that envelope to use on your next shopping trip.

If you are interested in my categories, please comment on this post and I will send you how I have my categories divided. The easier you can make it on yourself when you are filing and retrieving your coupons you will continue to strive to save your family money each week.

Tomorrow, I will be talking about coupon internet sites that you can go to and print online coupons and how you need to handle any questions at the stores regarding if the coupons are valid.

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