1. Cancel your landline and work only off of cell phones. Today, everyone has cell phones. Start paying attention to how many calls you get on your cell phone and how many you get on your land line. I would almost bet you get more calls on your cell. Cancel the land line and let your family and friends that the cell number is the best way to get you.
2. Use your fans in your house, especially during this spring. Take advantage of the wonderful weather. Open up the window and get some fresh air in the house as well as dropping that electrical bill. Make sure your ceiling fans are switched off of the heat cycle.
3. Unplug items that you don’t use. Even if the device is turned off, some power is still being used. If you don’t want to go around and unplug a lot of items, then put them on a power strip and all you will have to do is turn off the power strip. Save the energy and unplug when you don’t use the item.
4. Turn off your computer. Turn your computer off if you are not using it.
5. Keep your freezer full. If you don’t have enough food to fill the freezer, then freeze milk jugs with water and freeze them. Your freezer will not work as hard to keep items frozen if the freezer is full.
6. Change you light bulbs to energy saver bulbs.
7. Open up your dishwasher and let them air dry. When you leave the house, turn all the lights off.

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