As I am composing ideas to post on this site, I would like to get feed back from my readers. My stats tell me that I have 20+ new readers weekly. That is exciting. I want to be able to service my readers in a way that give them information that is needed and enjoyable to read.
Please take time and respond to the following three questions by leaving a comment.

  1. Do you want this site to continue to mainly list freebie or great deals or do you want the site to start adding frugal living articles along with the great deals?
  2. Are you using the links that are provided to get the great deals. (such as if not, Why? Are they user friendly and explained clearly?
  3. What are some topic on Frugal living that you would like to hear about.

Thanks for taking time to leave a comment. I look forward to seeing your response.

Have a great evening.

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  1. Anonymous // 25 February, 2009