My father in law just got Magic Jack in his home and he is saving several hundred dollars a year by using this service. I wanted to tell you about this and continue to blog about it as he uses this service.

The Magic Jack is a plug that fits into your computer and then your home phone plugs into the jack. You get Free long distance and local calling. Free directory assistance, Free phone number, Free call waiting, Free voicemail and Free caller Id.
The best part about this is that it is only $19.95 A YEAR and it works with Mac computers and Window.

I did a little research here in our town and the cheapest that we can get a land line is 25.00 a year. Magic Jack is cheaper than one month of the local service. That is a savings of $280.00
You can click on the banner above or the banner at the very top of the page to get more information.

Also, they send you all the equipment that you need and there is no charge if you send it back before 30 days is up. There is nothing to loose.

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