Have you got your groceries already this week? If not let me tell you about some deals I found while doing my shopping at Kroger. Hopefully these deals are not demographic and my friends in Michigan and Georgia can enjoy them also.
· Smart Balance 50/50 Butter on sale for $2.62 use $1 coupon in 2/1 paper
$1.62 each
· Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls on sale 10 for $10. use .30 in 1/4 paper or the .50 / 2 in the 2/8 paper. This is a great deal. The ones that I bought don’t have an expiration date until May.
.40 to .50 cents each
· Pillsbury cresent and grands jr. on sale 10 for $10 use the use the 12/7, 1/4, 1/25 or the 2/8 coupons in the paper.
.50 cents each
· V8 Juice on sale for $2.79 use the .50 coupon in the 1/4 paper I love V8
$1.79 each
· Entenmann’s donuts on sale for $2.14. No coupons that I know of but if you can’t have Krispy Kreme, these are good.
· Hunts tomato Paste 15 oz. can on sale 10 for $10 use coupon .40 /2 in the 1/18 paper.
.60 cents each.
Nabisco Snak saks are on sale for 10 for $10. No coupon as far as I know but these are great for lunches.
$1.00 each.
Luden’s Throat Drops on sale for $1.29 use the $1 coupon in the 1/4 paper.
.29 cents each.
Cheese….. I know I might be crazy but I bought more cheese this week. The other week I got 30 blocks of cheese because it was a great deal. But we eat a lot of cheese so I got more since it was a good price. J Kraft Shredded or singles cheese is on sale for $2 each. If you got the blinkie coupon that was in front of the cheese section (it might still be there for your store) use it .75 cents off.
$1.25 each
Go to Kroger and stock up on some of these items. These are great prices. While you are there, always look for the blinkie coupons that are attached to the shelves. Grab some of them even if you are not going to buy the product this week. Usually you will want to get the coupon and hold it for later use anyways.
Happy Shopping,

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