Do you use a service online that you can print coupons? There is two sites that I like to use. You will need to do a download of what is called a coupon printer. This download is not harmful to your computer and it doesn’t take up much memory. is a great site that is updated on a monthly bases. Usually you can print the coupons 2 to 3 times from this site. You just click the coupons that you want and then click print. You can either hit your back button twice to go back to the printer icon and print the same coupons again or go back to the site and choose them to print again. Once the limit is reached, the coupon tagged as limit reached. is another site that I like to go to when I need to get cleaning supplies. They have coupons for cleaning supplies like pledge, scrubbing bubbles and windex.
Check out these sites and see if you can get a great coupon.

One other place that I get coupons that I enjoy and turn out to be great coupons is the All You magazine that is only available at Walmart. It is always full of manufacture coupons that you will love.

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  1. disconnecteddiva // 02 February, 2009  

    I love couponmom. I was able to get FREE toilet paper with their coupons. You can print the Cottonelle coupon twice. It's 50 cents off a 4 pack. Kroger will double it an their reg. price is 99 cents. What a deal !