This week is going to be big wtih coupons. In the paper you should have 2 smartsource, 1 redplum and 1 P&G. When the paper is loaded with this many coupons, I buy 3 papers. If you can purchase your paper at Walgreens, krogers or Walmart then you will only pay .99 each which after you look at the coupons, you will still save much more than you spent on the paper.
You can click here and see the calendar that The Coupon clippers has for the inserts. If you click on each insert, you can see the coupons that will be in the paper. The Coupon clippers is a service that you can buy individual coupons. It is a good service if you are looking for a particular coupon. Ebay is also a great place to get coupons to purchase.

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