I am a true follower of the website The Grocery Game. com. This is a site that cost to use but the benefit of this site is far more savings than you will spend using this service. I am going to be writing this week on the benefits and explaining the process of using this service. The things you need to do to get ready to save on your grocery and household bill is to do these few small and quick steps.

  1. Log on to thegrocerygame.com and sign up for a free 4 week trial. This will cost you $1 for this trial period.
  2. Use thethriftygeek@live.com as your referral. I will explain the referral system later this week.
  3. Choose the grocery/convienent stores that you would shop at. My suggestion is to choose all of them during your trial period to where you can see which ones in your area have the best deals. When the trial period is coming to an end and you are just going to be paying for the specific store (s) that you use the most, I will show you how to cancel the other stores.
  4. Since this is Sunday, go out and buy a newspaper with coupons in it. If you have a store, (such as Walgreens or Kroger) that sales the papers for 99 cents, then buy two to start you off right.

Stay with me this week and I will show you the bases of how you do this "game" as the ones of us that have been doing this for a while refer to it.

I can't wait to show you how you can go into a grocery store and walk out with a bagfull of items and only pay a very small amount for them. It is so much fun and rewarding.

Talk to you tomorrow.


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