you getting excited about the savings that you can see that you will have by using this service? Have you pulled your grocery store list yet from the website? All list should be up now for you to see.

We are going to talk about couponing today. As you see on your list, there are dates in the columns next to the coupon amount. Beside the date is also a S or a R some other initial. The date tells you what Sunday paper the coupons were in and the S & R tell you if it was in the smart source packet or the red plum packet.

If you are new to collecting coupons then it is going to take you a few weeks to be on a full cycle of what is on your list. Don't get discouraged. You will still have several items that will be well worth purchasing. You can also get coupons several other ways.

  1. The first and best way is through your Sunday paper.
  2. Ebay is a great way also. You can buy a lot of coupons for as little as $1.50 for 150 coupons. I have also bought several coupons of one item when I knew I could get it for a great price.
  3. Online coupon services are also a great way to get your coupons. I have personally never done this but have heard of several getting great ones this way. I get enough through buying 2-3 papers each week and then getting what other ones that I need through e-bay.

There are two ways that you can organize your coupons.

  1. Date the coupon packets with the issue date on it. You can file the packets by date order. This only works if you are doing the coupon game. The idea of doing it this way is that you cut only the coupons that you need.
  2. Cut each coupon and and place dividers. I use file folders with tabs. Each tab is labeled with a grocery store section. ex. Breakfast foods, freezer foods, refrigerator foods, fresh fruit and veggies, meats, drinks, makeup and toiletries, paper goods , cleaners etc. These can be customized to how you see it should be separated.

Organization is very important to keeping up with your coupons. If you don't stay organized you will end up spending more time trying to find the coupons. You will end up getting discouraged.

Take time today and get a your idea together on how you want to file your coupons. Then start cutting and getting them organized.

Have a great night!


4 Thoughts Shared

  1. Anonymous // 21 January, 2009  

    Hey !! I finally got a pop-up box. I think our paper has Smart Source coupons, but I have never heard of Red Plum. Is this a new company or does it go by another name ?

  2. The Thrifty Geek // 21 January, 2009  

    Each week you should have one or both in the paper. This past week we had 1 smartsource booklet of coupons and 1 redplum booklet. From what I am see and hearing from others across the nations, it is also common in their papers.
    Do you get the Atlanta courier & journal?

  3. disconnecteddiva // 21 January, 2009  

    No. We have the Rome News-Tribune.

  4. The Thrifty Geek // 21 January, 2009  

    That might be the issue. Rome might not carry the redplum. I would suggest picking up the Atlanta paper if you could. It would carry all the inserts. Look inside one this coming sunday and see.
    I will try to remember to post what the inserts should be on Saturday.
    Keep checking back and tell your friends about this blog.