Are you excited yet? Did you go on the grocery game website and sign up for your free trial? If not you need to try it. You will be amazed at the saving you will start seeing even in your first week of shopping.
Just as a quick review from the last Grocery Game post,

  1. go to and sign up for a free trial.
  2. Choose all the grocery / pharmacy stores that are in your area. This will allow you to look each one of them and see which one would benefit you the best. Before your trial ends, you will need to only select the ones that you really want.
  3. Enter as your referral on the thegrocerygame website this address, I will explain referrals later this week.
  4. Did you get a Sunday paper? If not check at Walgreens, walmart or Krogers. They will sometimes have papers left over in the bins. You can usually still buy them on Mondays.

Now if you have done all that , we can get started. Most of the grocery store list are not up until Tuesday. But usually the Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aids are up soon after Sunday afternoon. The list are broken down into 3 colors black , blue and green. You really want to concentrate on the blue and green items. Black items are only if you really need them.

The list is very easy to use. You will see the item's name, the original price, the store sale price, the coupons that you can use, the instore coupons that you can use ( and yes you can stack the store coupons with the manufactures coupons.) and then the final price. This list is able to where you can sort them and select only the items you want. It is great for when you narrow down your shopping list, you can just print and go.

The secret of the game is to stockpile items that you will use and need in the future as well as now. For example. My family loves the bagged chex mix. It was on the list for a local grocery store here for .99. I had coupons for $1.00 of 2 bags. When I used this coupon it made the bags .50 each. That is a savings of atleast $1.50 each. I stocked up on them. I am alittle crazy but I bought 30 bags of chex mix. I stockpiled them while the price was rock bottom to where I don't have to buy them when they are not on sale.

You ask, where do you get all the coupons? I will explain in a later post this week but start looking online as well as my favorite shopping site,,,,,, ebay. This is a great place to land that most needed coupon.

Stockpiling is a mindset that you and your family will need to get use to. It is something that at our household, I had to tell my son that he doesn't eat until it is all gone, that it is ok to save some for later. Teens eat none stop!!

If you have freezer space, you will love the buys you will get on butter, pillsbury rolls, cookie dough, veggies, and even meat.

Stay tune, tomorrow we are going to talk about how to use your coupons and "play" them at the right time to get the best rock bottom price.

Be sure to sign up for the trial offer with by clicking here and using as the referral.

Have a great thrifty day!!


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