If you just started this week with the trial for the grocery game then this will be your first week to start shopping. Are you excited? Don't get discouraged if you don't have the coupons that the list says you should have. Remember, you have only bought last weeks papers and this this weeks. Next week will be the week that you will start to see that you start to really save the money. Lets talk about how to go shopping with your list.
I first look at the list, sort it by color, and only look at the blue and the green items. These items are the ones that are I concentrate on. You can then select by checking the lines in the boxes to the right of the items the items that you want to buy. Once you have checked all that you want to buy, then at the bottom of the list you can click, show only selected items. Gather the coupons that the list says you should have. Print the list. I mark beside each item how many I am going to buy. This way I don't have to count the coupons when I get to the store.
Once you have this all together I put my coupons in an envelope and fold the list and also place in the envelope. Since I have 3 list, I put the name of the store on the outside of the envelope. I am then ready to go shopping.
When shopping, I go stricktly by the list. I add any item that are not on the list to the bottom to where my shopping list is all together. If I have any questions about the item, I will then refer to the coupon if needed.
When checking out, give the cashier the coupons first. If there is any coupons that require the sale price, then let the cashier know before hand. This will make the cashier happy as well as make your transaction quicker.

One last thing, Check your receipt. The stores can make mistakes. Check and make sure all your items ring up correctly. If not go to the service desk and get it corrected. Some stores have a policy that if it doesn't ring up correctly then it is free.

Remember if you have not signed up for the grocery game, click here and check it out.
Use thethriftygeek@live.com as your referral.

Watch over the next day or two on the hot buys that I will post.

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  1. Anonymous // 28 January, 2009  

    I never signed up for the service, but I did purchase a paper. You were correct (haven't purchased a paper in a year) on the RedPlum. Looking forward to seeing the deals you post with those coupons.