Do you like cottonelle toilet paper? Krogers has their 4 packs at their every day prices for .99 cents. click on this link and follow the continue button and you will be able to print 2 / 50 cent coupons for the product. My krogers still doubles so it will be free. When it goes to the print icon and the 1st coupon is printing, hit your back button until the print icon comes back on. You can print two this way. 2 is the limit for the site.
This is a great item to stock up on.
Thanks to blogger, tipsfromamomof3 for these coupons.
Enjoy .


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  1. disconnecteddiva // 21 January, 2009  

    I've always thought this was a great deal.

    I am sooo frustrated. I had some of these a month or so ago and Kroger NOR Walmart would take them.

    Evidently someone in our area printed some bogus coupons for large discounts and the cashier redeemed them. They were rejected from the manufacturer. Now neither store will take computer printed coupons.

    I am glad you guys are able to use them in your towns.

  2. The Thrifty Geek // 22 January, 2009  

    I would try again. Maybe they have started taking them again. If not contact the company of cottonelle and maybe they will send you some actual printed coupons.